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Welcome 2023

... Welcome anniversary year!

Five years ago we wrote: "Seven decades of EUROPART stand for lived customer proximity, experience and absolute reliability. What has driven us from day one to this day is our passion for our industry."


This year we are celebrating our 75th anniversary. It's amazing how fast those five years have gone by! Yet innovation continues to drive us forward and our experience has taught us that consistency in some things forms the basis for a successful company history. Therefore, the opening sentence is just as true today as it was then: Passion unites. We have a lot planned and look forward to celebrating 2023 together with you.


Founded as Westdeutsche Federnzentrale Wachenfeld & Co. (focus on trade in motor vehicle & carriage springs)


Expansion of the product range to include other commercial vehicle spare parts and development into a full product range


European orientation begins with first branches in Denmark and Great Britain


Introduction of the EUROPART Premium Parts own brand


Renaming of the company to EUROPART


Opening of the central warehouse in Werl


First branch outside Europe in Dubai


Opening of the Shanghai office


Expansion of the network in Sweden - acquisition of LVD and Trailereffekter


Best Brand for the 8th time


Top Innovator Award


We celebrate our 75th anniversary!

The smallest workshop

...no centimeter remains unused

A fully equipped workshop in a 20-foot container. Mobile, robust and with everything a mechanic's heart desires: solutions for assembly, maintenance and repair, C-parts storage, welding and compressed air.

Is that possible?

Nothing is impossible

Three days of conversion in Werl, remaining work in Scandinavia, coordination and planning with our product managers, installation of the Green Energy solar panels on the roof and a lot of tools in a very small space. For Hauke Bruhn, alias Max Hunt, nothing is impossible. Max Hunt didn't just want to build a workshop in a container, he wanted to drive it to the coolest places in the world. His goal: to accompany the Dakar Rally, the most important long-distance and desert rally in the world.


Have a look at the videos of the conversion!

To the videos

The man

...behind the workshop

Hauke has the trucker life in his blood. Both his grandfather and his father were truck drivers. Hauke works as a haulage contractor for special transports. But that's not all: He is a globetrotter and family man, content creator, blogger and hobby mechanic. A man who has the passion for the trucker's life in his blood. And therefore also the right man for our 75th anniversary.

Max Hunt, the smallest workshop

... and "The real way to Dakar!"

Since 23 January, Max has been driving his Scania R500 8x8 through some of the most breathtaking landscapes in Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal. Starting in Morocco and following the original route of the legendary Dakar Rally, the journey is pure magic for Max and all motorsport enthusiasts. However, taking part in the rally as an active driver was never an option for him. He much prefers to drive the route in his 8x8 as a support vehicle and film the spectacular adventure for his numerous followers. But this much can already be revealed: Of course, it didn't stop at filming! The participants, some of whom are completely alone on the road with their motorcycles or cars and have no one else to rely on, were often happy to meet Max and his two truck mechanics with our "smallest, most awesome workshop" in the merciless desert sand.

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