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Best Times for EUROPART at the Nuerburgring

Hagen, Jul 4, 2016

First EUROPART in-house exhibition: more than 3,500 visitors at the "EUROPART BESTZEIT" / EUROPART CEO Pierre Fleck looks back on successful first half of 2016 / EUROPART continues to expand / Products of the own brand EUROPART very popular with customers / Steffi Halm takes 1st place with EUROPART own brand

With the in-house exhibition "EUROPART BESTZEIT” EUROPART is breaking new ground. For the first time in Germany, Europe's leading distributor of commercial vehicle spare parts and workshop equipment hosted a trade fair exclusively for commercial vehicle spare parts as well as equipment, tools and consumable materials for the commercial vehicle workshop on July 2, 2016, in the framework of the ADAC Truck Grand Prix at the Nürburgring. "Our concept is a complete success," EUROPART Sales Manager D-A-CH Olaf Giesen drew a pleased balance. "Not only that we could acquire 78 brands as exhibitors for our in-house exhibition, 'EUROPART BESTZEIT ' was also very well received by our customers. More than 3,500 visitors - workshop operators as well as transport and bus operators - found their way into the Bitburger Event Center, as well as into the two exhibition tents at the Nuerburgring, to inform themselves about new products and services for commercial vehicle parts. In the tent in the industrial park, EUROPART presented the wide range of spare parts and consumables of the own brand EUROPART. With more than 2,500 square meters of exhibition space is "EUROPART BESTZEIT" the biggest event of its kind in the commercial vehicle spare parts industry.

EUROPART has deliberately chosen the Nürburgring as a venue, because the company for some years has supported brand-independent truck race teams in the European Championship. EUROPART as a sponsor provides parts and products of EUROPART’s own brand for the needs of the workshop. So, for example, brakes of EUROPART’s own brand are now being used in the truck races for the third season without weaknesses or failures and have demonstrated here their strength and reliability. In this race season EUROPART has been supporting the Team Reinert Racing that is with two vehicles at the starting point of the European Championships. Also truck race driver Sascha Lenz, who had started as a local hero at the Nürburgring is driving with brakes and other parts of our private brand EUROPART.

EUROPART continues to expand 
EUROPART CEO Pierre Fleck used the in-house exhibition “EUROPART BESTZEIT” at the Nuerburgring to highlight the successful development of the company. "With our European orientation, the clear focus as a specialist for truck, trailer, transporter and bus, we have created an excellent basis for a successful expansion. In the last year, we could enlarge our organization and considerably increase sales again, due to numerous new branches, new partners and acquisitions."

As Pierre Fleck continued to explain, the branch network has grown significantly over the past twelve months. So, besides new sites in Russia, Romania and Poland also other partners and offices were added in Austria, Italy, France and Spain. The largest increase for the time being was in Sweden. In March 2016, EUROPART could acquire truck parts dealer LVD and Trailer Effecter that have been part of the Swedish AxDrive Group. EUROPART, LVD and Trailereffekter have now jointly 22 branches in Sweden. Pierre Fleck: "Thus we are market leader in Sweden. Our goal is to be among the top three places of the industry.”
With more than 300 sales outlets in 28 countries EUROPART is already today one of the leading traders for commercial vehicle spare parts and workshop equipment in Europe. The leading position is reflected in awards such as "Best Brand in 2016". In the reader's choice of the ETM Publishing house recently 9680 participants had chosen EUROPART for the fourth time, and for the third time in a row, by a wide margin as best brand in the category truck / bus parts dealer.

Bus segment will be further expanded
In the future, the bus segment will play an important role for further growth, EUROPART CEO explained. "We're already the number two and want to become market leader here, too. As the only parts dealer we can offer a very wide range of bus spare parts and provide expert advice by experienced specialists in Europe." This benefits especially internationally-based bus operators, whose fleets run in many European countries. They are able to use the EUROPART service with high availability, faster supply of parts and expert advice at each of their locations under the same conditions. To improve the offer for bus customers, EUROPART has added not only new specialized products, such as body parts already painted at the factory, to the range, but also invested in the expertise of its employees. Thus, a designated bus specialist strengthens the competence team since spring 2016.

Quick delivery and a high availability of parts - in addition to the quality - are key factors for high customer satisfaction, emphasizes EUROPART CEO Pierre Fleck. An important component in the EUROPART organization is therefore the central warehouse in Werl, Westphalia. In the high-bay warehouse with 33,000 square meters warehouse and handling area EUROPART constantly stocks more than 50,000 articles. "From here we send more than 800 orders daily with up to 14,000 individual items to our branches, but also directly to customers throughout Europe", explains Fleck. Beginning in Eastern Europe, EUROPART will set up so-called regional distribution centers (RDC) in the next 18 months. Pierre Fleck: "With these central hubs in different countries we can ensure an even better supply and a higher availability in all parts of Europe in the future."

Strengthen presence in the purchasing markets 
EUROPART wants to invest further, not only in logistics and the expansion of the network but also on the purchasing side, and in particular for the segment of own brand products, wear parts and consumables offered by the company as a low-cost alternative to original branded products. "To ensure the excellent quality of our own brand products in the long term, we are in the process of strengthening our presence on the purchasing markets", explains Fleck. In addition to the  expansion of the existing offices in Shanghai in July 2016, as early as at the beginning of 2017 more offices will opened, for example in Turkey and India. EUROPART through these offices keeps close contact to its suppliers. Also, own EUROPART quality teams are located here, which are active in the selection of suppliers and later, also control and approve the production processes as well as the finished products, adhering to the strict EUROPART quality requirements. "A high quality ensures a low complaint rate and thereby ensures customer satisfaction and a continued success", comments EUROPART CEO Pierre Fleck. "The complaint rate of our own brand products is less than 0.019 percent - thanks to our quality management system and the presence at the suppliers’ location."

D-A-CH region with strong growth
In Germany, Austria and Switzerland EUROPART gained extraordinary growth over the past twelve months, declared Olaf Giesen, EUROPART Sales Manager D-A-CH, at the in-house exhibition "EUROPART BESTZEIT". Not only the total turnover in the German-speaking markets has evolved positively, especially the bus segment has grown disproportionately with a two-digit growth compared with the same period last year. "Our strategy to invest in additional know-how and specialized employees in the bus sector and substantially expand the range of parts for buses, has worked," Giesen said. So, the company won numerous new customers inter alia in this segment. The result: New customer sales at EUROPART multiplied in comparison to the previous year.

In the course of growth, Europe's leading dealer for truck parts and workshop requirements has further expanded its branch network in the German-speaking world. So, EUROPART now is represented also in Austria. A new partner in the region of Graz Styria Burgenland is the Truck'n' Roll Zmugg GmbH based in Kalsdorf near Graz. The company has 19 employees and a 1000-square-meter warehouse, where the most popular parts are always in stock.

Encouraging growth for EUROPART was recorded at leasing operator BFS. Since this year, the company has 70 BFS-partner-MAN workshops in Germany and Switzerland. Very recently EUROPART has also collaborated closely with the car dealership purchasing association TECHNO, as Olaf Giesen said. "First we serve the Mercedes-Benz car dealerships because they take care of cars and trucks as well as and therefore benefit from our expertise and product range." With the full load network Elvis, EUROPART has also won another large customer. Thus the more than 100 partners with more than 15,000 vehicles in 76 locations in Europe can now also access the EUROPART range of delivery with 400,000 parts as well as the competent technical advice of the EUROPART employees.

Workshop concept TrailerSTATION will be further expanded
EUROPART will also expand TrailerSTATION and TruckSTATION in particular in Germany, said Sales Director Giesen. With these brand-independent workshop concepts, EUROPART closes a gap in the service network of established brands. The network of independent commercial vehicle workshops is able, due to appropriate equipment and commercial vehicle know-how, to maintain and repair trailers, superstructures and special vehicles from the production of smaller and medium-sized car builders, which usually have no own service network. These activities focus on the TrailerSTATION, as Olaf Giesen emphasizes. "In the trailer segment all partners can benefit the most – from manufacturer, over workshops, up to fleet operators – by a brand-independent service network. Thus we see here the greatest need."
TrailerSTATION today has a nationwide network of more than 100 stations in all parts of Germany. Giesen underlines that EUROPART wants to further expand and strengthen the network. But here quality counts more than quantity. "The selection of qualified and growth-oriented enterprises for the workshop concept ensures a high quality of service of all partners and thus is also a success factor for the workshops themselves." Advantages for the truck and TrailerSTATION workshop partners result from the availability of many services, but above all from a better utilization of the workshop, said Giesen..

EUROPART: Company with prospects
For the coming months, EUROPART plans to invest in know-how and competence and simultaneously pursue a clear strategy for the expansion of the network and the optimization of processes in customer service, said Olaf Giesen, Sales Director D-A-CH, at the in-house exhibition' EUROPART BESTZEIT'. "We continue to invest in the education and training of our employees.”Moreover, we will continue driving the modernization of individual processes and further expand our network in our most important market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland." Also, the successful concept of customer segmentation will further be intensified after vehicles (bus, truck and trailer) and business models (workshop, shipping, bus companies). "By this way, we can react more competently on the needs of our customers and better serve the customers.” A higher level of professionalism and competence should be achieved by a new branch model, in which the branches should be even more sales-oriented, while specialized and highly qualified employees at the company headquarters will assist with their technical expertise available to all branches and customers when needed. 

EUROPART own brand: Quality must not be expensive
Ralf Maurer, Commercial Director at EUROPART, and his team achieved a lot, the EUROPART product range strategy works: "Our two-brand strategy is an integral part of the European wide success of EUROPART. We focus specifically on the combination of selected premium brands and a wide range of wear and spare parts of our own brand EUROPART." Thus, EUROPART offers the right solution for all requirements and needs of customers in all parts of Europe. "With the EUROPART own brand products, we offer our clients a cost effective alternative to original branded products, without sacrificing quality. Thus, we help our customers to reduce the costs for maintenance and repair and thus the total cost of ownership (TCO)", Maurer notes. 

Range expansion is steadily progressing
The EUROPART own brand range comprises more than 6,500 parts today. In addition to the consumable materials and workshop supplies, such as chemicals, oils and tool, customers can find parts from axle and brake, chassis, engine accessories, lighting and electrical as well as equipment and accessories in a wide selection. Ralf Maurer: "Since introducing EUROPART’s own brand in 1995 we continuously expand the product range. Annually, more than 500 new positions are added, by the end of 2016 we will have around 7,000 articles in the range of our own brand. By 2019 there will be more than 8,500 articles." Expansions of the range include both: additions to the existing core segment with new sizes, current models or additional variants as well as new product groups, which extend the program. These include for example, currently products for engine cooling, electrics or hand tools for the commercial vehicle workshop.

High quality for satisfied customers
All EUROPART own brand products are tested through internal audits, as well as by independent organizations according to German quality standards. How well the quality is in everyday use, shows the low complaint rate of own-brand products. "The percentage of returned parts to the total sales is currently 0.019 percent", says Maurer. "So we are at a very good level same as an original brand manufacturer." EUROPART also offers own brand engine and transmission oils approved by almost all truck manufacturers without any restrictions regarding the oil change intervals. The complaint-free use in the truck race, too, is proof of the high quality of EUROPART own-brand products. In particular the brakes are subject to exceptionally tough loads with temperatures of up to 600 degrees. 
As usual, Team Reinert Racing was equipped with EUROPART own brand products and completed all four races within best times: driver Steffi Halm took first place for the first time and René Reinert also achieved good placings in the races.

Truck Grand Prix Nuerburgring: Team Reinert Racing Results

1st Race
3rd place (Stephanie Halm)
5th place (René Reinert)
Out of 18 competitors

2nd Race
1st place (Stephanie Halm)
6th place (René Reinert)
Out of 20 competitors

3rd Race
5th place (René Reinert)
6th place (Stephanie Halm)
Out of 19 competitors

4th Race
3rd place (Stephanie Halm)
5th place (René Reinert)
Out of 18 competitors

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